Skylight leaking $6000-7000



Skylight removal, re-roofing stairwell housing, and added air venting to lower the humidity.

We had at least 2 companies out to give an estimate.

I gave them to Brandon.

I do recall that we were going to choose Peter Zieba.

Peter is a general contractor who works with Best Brickmasters.

Best Brickmasters has done significant work on this condo including roofing, tuckpointing, filled cracks, sprayed waterproofing. They subcontract for any work they don’t do themselves. This makes them a one-stop shop when projects require multiple types of work.

I believe the estimate was $6000, HOWEVER I know see additional damage:

Water penetration evidenced by the efflorescence, lots of cracks.

These “stairwell housings” have never had their roofs replaced.



Peter will advise us to do both roofs, since it will be overall cheaper.

If we only do the skylighted stairwell, then we need a dehumidifier outside the 4th floor in the front stairwell.

Have Gary pick one out. Send the link to it to me and/or Jonathan. Use the condo card to buy it asap.

Gary volunteered to empty it.






[a]This is just one of may areas that show that water is getting behind the bricks and pushing out the crack sealant goop. As well as the overall white ghosting of eflorescence. However this is not the stairwell with the skylight. This is the front stairwell. Gary wants to add a rain catcher on top of this structure eventually.

[b]This is the goop used on cracks all over our building by Brickmasters.

[c]I took these 2 pics when one of the contractors ws here to give an estimate. You can see ppl have tried to just add gobs of roofing tar trying to stop the leak. The type of skylight they chose was way wrong to begin with. It HAS to be removed.