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3-15-06 (Deb)

Stuff you might want to know before ordering a phone line: DON'T USE THE WORDS "ORDER A PHONE LINE." or a man just might shimmy up our phone pole and you will wonder why your serviceman never showed up. If you use "...hook up my phone." This seems to make better sense to SBC.

3-22-06 (Deb)--9:20AM. There is a man up the telephone pole out back. I can't help but wonder if someone moving in here soon is trying to have there phone hooked up, and SBC/AT&T has misunderstood...I just talked with him. he's not working on a line for our building.

Notes plopped here, so I won't forget:

March 15th, 2006:

I (Deb) just happened to notice an SBC Serviceman at our building. It was a total coincidence, but he was there to hook up service for unit 3S. I checked his work order and unlocked the doors to the switchbox room and talked with him and watched him work, and learned some more new tricks. He explained that writing info on the big label on the inside panel is a waste of time and just adds to the confusion later in time because as people move in and out, the unit numbers will no longer match up to the plug they install the new lines in. There is no system of organization for the blue cables that lead to the switchbox. All anyone can do to track which blue cable is yours is via the unit numbers marked in red marker on the conduit pipes above the switchbox. Lord help anyone who tries to work on this box if those numbers ever got painted over, etc.

I need to make a new photo that includes all these numbers in it, to keep for future reference on this web site.

He showed me his secret magic trick for organizing blue phone wires: He opened up the end and grabbed the center white string and yanked on it to neatly tear open the blue sheathing. He pulled it way up until all the rats nest of uneeded, coiled up cable was eliminated. He left about twice as much length as needed to reach the connection. Wow! I wished I could've gotten him to re-do MY cable and all the others to make our telephone rats nest neat and tidy. He said this technique is great to use on the cable hub boxes inside our condos too. Cool idea, but would take some time and electrical tape to finish such a project.


Cable Hub near the back door in your condo

Pictures Added 3-14-06 (Deb)

For phone lines: There may be nothing needed to do in the box inside your condo. George probably already will have hooked up these phone wires before you moved in. These photo do show that you can have a ton of phone lines coming in to your condo if you ever needed more!

For television service: This is the box used to hook Television services throughout your condo.

Photos taken March 14, 2006, prior to any custom hookups.We are getting DirectTV hooked up soon. I will learn more about the wires in the box and where the heck each one is comming in from and going out to, etc. and provide better descriptions at that time.
Before sorting out cables. It might look like this:


Closse-up of telephone twisted pairs


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