GAS     last updated 3-10-06 (Deb) 3-15-06 (Deb)

Peoples Energy: 1-866-556-6001

Notes collected to date:

Just moved in?

Study info on this web page, call Peoples Energy with your meter number, and set up your account ASAP.

Gas not working?

Study info on this web page, then go out to our alley and determine your meter status. Copy down your meter number in case they can't find an account in your name!


Call Peoples Energy and spend 4 hours on the phone, while your toes begin to freeze. Make an appointment to have a serviceperson visit. In which case, you'll want to get the $69.99 super heater across the street at the Ace Hardware store, and get some microwavable food!

Our gas service is on a "Monday/Wednesday service schedule." This does not mean you will get service on the NEXT Monday or Wednesday after you call, it only means that it will be SOME Monday or Wednesday in the future that they will service your meter.

You have to be available all day on they day they choose for you. You have be here to unlock the alley gate for them. They will service your meter and then they have to come inside and check all gas appliances for leaks, pilots, etc.

Deb has info on what you can do if your gas gets turned off, but too busy/tired from moving to type complete explanation in here yet. It involves calling the Chicago Consumers something 'er other. ICC are the initials of this commision thing. They have "counselors" that listen to your story and then put you on hold while they call and attempt to reason with whatever utility you are having difficulties with. Boy, did these folks make the Gas company jump to attention on my behalf.