Call ComEd at: 1-800-334-7661  to activate your account.

Or you can do it online : http://www.exeloncorp.com/ourcompanies/comed/comedres/

March 2015 ComEd replaced all our electric meters. No more meter men entering our property.


Please note: unit 2S owns the garage in which the meters are located. Not much need for them to maintain access to the meters anymore. Just keep a path to the phone box from the side door please.



2S owns the garage where the meters are housed.

Be watcheful/careful of their property if/when you access this garage.


BigDeb made this chart waaay back in '06. It is likely useless as of March 2015 when they were all changed out.
Each Unit's Electric Meter Number as arranged, designated, and marked on actual meters in the Garage
5051 FL2 UNIT 2S BWBW140419423
5053 FL2 UNIT 2N BWBW140171719
5051 FL1 COMM. UNIT 1S BVYW141120308
5051 FL3 UNIT 3S BWBW140136125
5053 FL3 UNIT 3N BWBW141127080
5053 FL1 COMM. UNIT 1N BVYW141136969
5051 FL4 UNIT 4S BWBW140278682
5053 FL4 UNIT 4N BWBW140218682