Water & the Water Pressure Pump & that sewer Gas smell

last updated October 16, 2006 7:33 PM

In the closet at the bottom of the stairs. The common key unlocks the door.

If you take a minute to look in the closet and study the pipes and valve positions for a minute, it becomes easy to understand how the pumbing is configured, and how they added the pump later with the bypass pipes and valves.

Does the front stairwell smell like sewer gas?

That means that the drain in this stairwell water closet needs someone to pour at least one gallon of water into it.

Explanation: Since the drain in this closet is only for use if something in this closet springs a leak the standing water which lives in the drain traps of all drains has since evaporated.  It is this standing water that acts as a natural plug to stop sewer gas from filling up our stairwell. Once a month, or as necessary, go pour a gallon of water down the drain and all will be fine again.

Deb- Oct 2006


2N DEB, 4-19-15 Nut on pump is turning to rust. The dial inside the gauge is broken, and spun around, making the reading of pressure very difficult.



Still need to add stuff to this page: Chicago Water Supply info: Link to Water web site, if they have one, Contact tel. numbers, Emergency numbers, a link to latest quality level testing in Uptown, how we pay for water...etc.

A Photo of the main pipes in the lobby closet, with description of why there is an obvious bypass of the condo water through a small pump. ok, done.

I still need to mark the water main in this closet for the building in case of catastrophe, and show location on the photo.

There are two light switches in this closet. One is for the light, but the other is for the pump itself. One would never know they just powered down the pump, since it makes no noise, beep 'er nothing when that switch is shut off. So if water pressure seems low in the building, check and see if the little lights are lit up  on the little pump in the closet.

Each of the red-handled valves have ON<--->OFF markings, but they may rub off someday.

The position of the valves in the photo above is how they should be in order to divert the water properly through the pressure increase pump.