The Roof

The roof property is owned by those with top floor units. However, since there is also common property up there, you still need access.

The common key opens the roof door.

Your AC units are up there. I'm not sure if they've been labeled with unit numbers yet

Sattellite dishes are up there.

Also the air vents for our drains/hot water heater, etc. are up there. 

Do not lock yourself out there!!!


The south side of the roof HAD to be redone in 2011. Here is a PDF doc with the certificate, what was done and the cost. THE NORTH SIDE ROOF WAS NOT DONE as of 3-30-2015.

TheSouthRoofDocs_OCT30_ 2011.pdf

Other crucial work was done during this project. It included tuckpointing the "dog houses" because they were leaking like crazy through HOLES betweent the brick and morter. They used some sort of sealant on the entire brick portion of the building, plus other building leakage problems. 
The original estimate for everything we needed done was over $46,000 and was collected via special assessments. I recall we paid around $6000. We are in 2N and own the smallest percentage of the residential units.

1N 9.40%, 1S 9.40%, 2N 12.70%, 2S 12.80%, 3N 13.20%, 3S 13.40%, 4N 14.50%, 4S 14.60%

TOTAL 100.00%  Color me stupid but these numbers have NEVER added to 100%. This is what we get when we hire an outsider to do shit with our monies!  I think 1N should be a lower percentage since they have the exhaust shaft encrouchment and the difference between 3N and 3S should be the same difference like other floors. WTF happened? I suspect the builder--Turin Homes screwed this up way back in 2005 and no one caught it.


An important Condo mtg. from Feb, 26, 2013

5051-5053 North Clark Condo Meeting    Date: February 26, 2013 

Location: 3S

Attendees: 4N, 4S, 3S, 2N, 2S

Topic and Discussion

·         Dog House should be checked once a year for any issues because they were not done during the Roof Special Assessment. 

·         Cancelled Reliable Management contract completed

·         Proposed Budget Increase will be 20% to build up for future expense

o   Need to take care of gate and fence maintenance, paint work, general up keeping

o   Special assessment overage eliminated  buffer

o   Begins on April 1st

o   Every year we will have a review and make necessary changes

o   Suggest submission of HOA via Chase Account 5011101029/720165034

Expenses this year

·         Replace storm door  4N (torn off during storm)

·         Trim painting around garage

5 year painting plans is detailed (5k) if reversed come up will be done next year

Discussed new nominations

·         Jeff (4S) will stay for another year a Condo Board Treasurer

·         Trish/Ellen (3S) will take over as Condo Board President

·         The board will look again at new nomination on January 1, 2014