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last updated 3-16-06 (Deb)

Lights go on and off by themselves over the course of an hour?

I have this problem with the one in my shower, and one in the kitchen. Brian says it's the heat sensors that are in a battle with the heat of the light bulb. No cure has been identified, except to swap them out with fluorescent. (no, thanks. I'm sure we can adjust/replace the sensors.)

When all is quiet, there are loud single "taps"/"bangs"

When all is quiet sometimes between 6:00-8:00AM there is a annoying "bang" almost exactly every 60 seconds. Later in the day they are almost exactly 20 seconds apart. I really thought it was coming from below the shower floor, but later I found it is louder in the small bedroom closet. There have been some theories about the water pressure pump, but I checked in the pump closet (at bottom of front entrance stairs) and there is no connection that I can find.  No answer found yet.  (Deb)