The back parking area gate/and 2 garages

as oppossed to the front alley gate...which we also refer to as "The gate"

Misc notes regarding: service, operation, helpful hints, maintenance, etc.

Last updated MARCH 10, 2015 (BIG Deb 2N)  I spent about 4-6 hours giving the back gate a PROPER spring tune-up. It is just like preparing your bicycle for it's first ride when the weather gets warm. It is just a standard bicycle chain and a the sproket sproket the proper term?  I dunno.
I got a degreaser and some wire brushes and cleaned about a softball-sized pile of old globs from the chain and the gears. This glop was disgusting.
I cleaned for maybe 2 hours until the chain and gears looked brand new. 
I had ordered a new fancy dry graphite spray on Amazon. This is a product that is wet going on then dries pretty quickly leaving behing only the slippery, BUT NOT STICKY graphite deep in the links behind. It is obvious that other hired contractors never cleaned ou the old cheap black greasy motor oil and just slopped more on whenever the board called for service. What a shame.

The damn thing is 10 years old and looks like it is 100 years old.
Worse yet is that we can never have the upper track properly serviced because the neighbors built a concrete RAISED sidewalk that will never allow the gate to ever be slid past where is now closes. I hope I am moved or dead on the day y'all need to tell the neighbor that we need to jackhammer her nice walkway to service our gate!  Let's worry about that when that day comes.  Ahhh, I love Chicago.

This is my first experience with using this spray on dry graphire lubricant. It's benefits are that all the sand and dirt does not stick to it and collect over the months into that giant glob of black junk. 

I think I like it. Expensive shit too. It is the same stuff locksmiths use to loosen up a lock or latch. To understand how it works you gotta go back to elementay school and remember when you would crush up pencil lead and roll the powder-fine black dust between your fingers. That stuff was/IS slippery...BUT DRY! I love cool inventions like that. are all welcome and in closing I'd just like to add: GIRLZ RULE. BOYZ DROOL!!! I Rock.

I vote that I be paid to do this type of shit, yuck crap work. MY AGED BACK IS KILLING ME!!!

Jeezus! Do I spell Check Much...uh..did I mention I am in PAIN?

Electronic Entry Systems would be happy to open a service account with us, but they need a credit card number to do that. I said I'd get back to him when the condo association is established, etc. Or when a need arises for service on the gate opener.

But this guy is north of Skokie. There must be someone closer. Oh well, we'll find someone when we need one.


Recommended Service Company for our model gate opener:
Electronic Entry Systems

Mr. John Dini,
Winnetka, IL.

847-501-3900 or 1-800-EES-GAT

Liftmaster Gate Opener's Manufacturer website:

Owner's Manual for our "Model SL505" Motor that opens the gate: LiftMasterGateOwnersManual.pdf

Everyone who uses this entry should have a gate key and know how and when to use it. Eventually you WILL do something to set off the alarm, and you will need to use this key to reset the gate.

deep link to




This is the key you use when the gate alarm sounds due to the gate being blocked for whatever reason. It's a good idea to keep it on your keychain for when your remote's battery dies.

You can also use this key to get in from outside IF you have long arms and you pretty much know the location of the keyhole.


If you lose your remote and order a new one (see end of this page), it has to be programmed. 

It's very easy.

Take out the 2 flathead standard screws that attach the black cover on the side in the photo below.
inside there is the silver 2nd cover, which just yanks off.

Then you can't miss the red buutton, as shown in the photo below. That is the "learn button"

Now all you do (assuming there is a battery in your new remote. They usually come with one)

Push and release the red learn button. You will see a green light blinking near the red button.

Now simply press and release your remote button.

There's a beep sound or something happens (I forgot already and I just did one) to confirm all went well.

Now put all the parts back together. OR stand back and test your remote first. 

I say stand back, otherwise the gate will knock you on your butt if you are still squatting by the unit!
bah ha! I looked so silly rolling backwards on the cement with my husbands boxers on for pants! Don't be like me.

Put the stuff back the way your found it and Yipee! you are now and expert.

If you mess up and hold down the "Learn Button" (as refered to on your new remote's instruction sheet) for more than 6 seconds, you will deactivate everyone's remote in the building and you will have to collect them all and reprogram all of them. EEEK!  There is no need to hold any buttons down during this process, so don't worry.



Location of the "Learn Button" as referred to in the instruction sheet of new remote control units.



The Remote for the Gate


The instruction sheet that comes with your new remote explains how to program your new remote, but the diagrams that show the location of the "learn button" are for a garage door opener, not our gate opener.



If you google "371LM Remote Control"
there are tons of places to buy it online.


This picture is for service reasons only. Nothing for a resident to have to know. This picture just shows how the emergency key for manual operation is just hooked to a circuit. It does not actually lock or unlock anything. It just allows the gate to be opened manually when it is inserted and turned 90 degrees to the left. Keys all are very sticky and frustrating. May be dirt building up in the lock?


Garage is pretty much the same:

Watch youtube video to program your new remote for a Liftmaster Formula 1 garage door opener.

The outdoor numberpad reset instructions. Watch 2 videos:  I see a beige remote in his hand. I do not have a garage so I only know what's in these videos.

If you have buttons in your car to use as a remote, watch this video or find one that is for your specific remote in your make of car.



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