TEC101 Doorbell/Intercomm/Keyless Entry System

Misc Notes for future reference: updated 2015

Link to PDF "Installer Guide" man_tec101.pdf 

Page 10-12 is where the instructions for programming new residents into the system is. The manager passcode is with MinionDeb.

(www.selectses.com   Click on MANUALS, and find the TEC101.)

Advanced troubleshooting guide for maintenance supervisor: TroubleshootDoorbell.pdf

In case we want to replace parts .http://www.amerisponse.com/Select_Engineered_Systems_Pricelist.htm

www.selectses.com   Click on MANUALS, and find the TEC101.



Old historical notes from 2006ish.

If we ever need to call for repairs. The manufacturer says we need to call their local dealer in Chicago:

They will charge us $184 per hour if we ever find we need their services.


Brian Brak says that George installed our system and others. It might be worth a try to ask George first if we experience a mechanical failure.
George's cell is: 773-759-9309

I cannot disclose the tel.no. to the box. ask the person who is paying the condo bills if you need it. 

3-27-06: Jonathan has been doing the programming of the keyless entry codes, and the doorbell codes, as requested by residents as his time permits. However, since he travels a lot, and more residents are moving in every day, somebody else may want to study the manual (linked PDF below) and take this job over. Deb tried, but does not have the patience. I ONCE HIT ONE WRONG BUTTON AND SCREWED IT ALL UP! OK? I just can't do it.

At the time of this writing, we had yet to establish any condo rules/payment procedures, nor did we have a treasurer, secretary, or a president.

March 14, 2006 -(Deb) Deb ordered a new phoneline to be installed to make the doorbell intercomm system function. The phone dude is scheduled to be here on March 17th, 2006, between 8:00AM and Noon, after which I'll need to see if our attempt to program this wacky box was successful. Done.

March 17, 2006 - (Deb) Doorbell and keyless entry work great. However I still made a mistake: SBC asked what name to put the phone line under? I told them "mine,... I guess."  Well, now your caller ID will show "Deb Krolls" when your doorbell is rung.  I'll get this fixed 1. when I figure out, or somone tells me how this listing SHOULD read, and 2. when I get the time/mood to sit on the phone with SBC for 3-4 hours.  Deb called 3-27-06. "May take 2 weeks to get this listing changed."

Deb was charged $110.00 on the workorder.

Deb will get the bills for installation and the monthly bill for service (between $10-15)

3-27-06: Your caller ID will show "Deb Krolls" when your doorbell is rung. Until our condo association gets a name on a bank account that can be given to AT&T it's gonna have to say "Deb Krolls."

4-19-06 (Deb) Your caller ID will still read "Deb Krolls" when your doorbell rings because SBC/AT&T takes hours to deal with, and I can only get through on Wed, Thurs, or Fri. It took over 4 hours on the phone, and had to wait a month just to get the doorbell phone line broken out to a separate account such that I can even request a name change for the caller ID problem. Sorry, but this task is gonna take some time.

5-5-06 (Deb) I've decided to hold off my battle with the phone company until we have a condo association and I learn more about how to deal with this phone line and exactly what name I'm supossed to put on the account. Since I may have to change other items on this account I'm going to wait until our association is formed and we have a checking account for this monthly charge.