About This Site:

Update March 2015: This site was originally going to be an official thing we actually used. But BigDEB is the only one who actually uses it and pays for it.
Terri 4S 2015 might make an official site. This is now just a place for BIGdeb to dump info on stuff she learns, fixes, etc.


last updated 3-17-2006 (Deb's brainstorm info is the only crap on this page right now... )

This page will eventually have an organized and succinct description and a clear objective of why we have this site.

We need a an Internet address besides me having to use mine: www.DebKrolls.com

Here's some names that were still available on March 14, 2006:

Anybody can step forward and tell me what name they like best or give a new idea. Just remember, our desire is NOT to bring the world to our site, but to hide away our site in a dark corner of the web for condo residents reference only.